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Travis-burg starport, 27:75 galactic time
The mission was boring,the startport was eniterly in there control and the girl was gone.
The local police had surrounded the place and where trying to negotiate for the release of the hostages.
But that was dull, talk talk and more talk.
What Asteomeia wanted was a fight, not even a big one just a minor planetary war.
But that wasn’t in the offing, all she could hope for was afew police men.
To her that was nothing, she was War Golem dam it, she need war like other need air or food.

Travis-burg starport, Toxic cargo area 1, 27:95 galactic time
Isolde Von Kreisel, was in a rush, she had a cargo to get home back to the Rechhworlds.
It would be an unpleasant trip her ship full of cattle but the government paid her bills so it picked her cargos.