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Wolf Master

Riverway City War Museum

Article 2674 and 3895.

2674: A signed Miss Victory Photograph, belonging to one Jame Micheal left to the museum after his death.

3895: A wartime letter from Miss Victory documenting covert operations in Nazi occupied France, belonging to the family of the late Major Franklin Jones. December 2nd 1942.

“Dear Major Jones.

The operation against the Nazi base located in the east of Alsace Lorraine was successful. A dozen or so prisoners of war were freed, though sadly many more had deceased. Even of the survivors the look in their eyes was disheartening, as if something inside had been broken. The artillery points were too neutralized in the conflict.

However I regret that I cannot send  all good news. I searched for the files you requested in the officer’s quarters. It seems Operation der Riese was successful. A great many failures were documented but it seems however that the final attempt was a success. The patient had been moved and was not in the base, and no record of his whereabouts could be found.

I hope you receive this in good health and spirit.

Your Sincerely. Agent 83 AKA Miss Victory.” 



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