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Thanks for that she looks much better now.

And now it’s story time.

Travis-burg starport, 25:75 galactic time


Sapphira drain the last of her coffee and wondered just how long was her flight going to be delayed.

She picked up the case, and tried to open it for the millionth time.
Her grandma’s will said that the case was important, that Sapphira had to keep it safe until the right person came along.

Great even after she dead she nags me about not haveing a boyfriend.

Then it happened a loud Zap as the table exploded in blast of purple fire.
“Get her! Being me the case!” a man shouted as pair mechs burst in to the waiting room.

Sapphira turned to run and found here self looking down the barrel of loaded gun.
A strong arm shoved her to the ground and the pistol fired.

“Come with me if you want to live” The gun woman spoke as she pulled Sapphira to her feet.

It was a mad dash out the door as police sirens wailed in the distance.
Minute’s later Sapphira found her self fighting for breath in a back allay.
But now she could take a moment and look at her rescuer.

For a moment she thought that woman was police, but no that wasn’t a police uniform, all red and blue just what uniform is it?
“wh..Who where they! they tried to kill me!”

“Shush, they haven’t gone far,there organ leggier from the Stygian sector.
And no they can’t kill you, your worth far more alive.. for now.”

The woman slid another magazine into her pistol.
“I’m Raven, Raven Celeste and right now i’m your own guardian angel because i need that case unlocked.”

“This you can have this stupid thing.”
“It doesn’t work that way, it’s got a time lock on the gene code reader we cant open it for the next 48 hours.”

“Gene code reader? We? What are you on about?
“Well she didn’t tell you much did she? your grandma was the head scientist for the Celeste battle clone program and in that case is a gene de-encrypter.
I need that de-encrypter to live.