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Moon Guardian is great piece of mysterious character.
I really love that mask of his plus that hair on the wind, wonderful.
In my opinion the lightning effects are well done, also overall design is good.

Forest Construct is quite exotic.
Nice use of flora, both around and on him/it.
Sunrays and the way they iluminate this piece of art gives that creation somewhat of unique atmosfere, i like it.

Earth elemental is full of things i can’t stop to admire.
Water, lightning, character design, background, everything fitting together completely.
I love the way character is positioned. Doesn’t take to much space on creation, but also isn’t too small.

Smoke is also great, and version with “dramatic lightning” really speaks to me.
Loving the way character is partially enclosed in darkness, while the visible part is quite bright.
Smoke effect truly gives a special feel to that piece of creation.

War (both night and dusk/dawn version) are perfect pieces of scenery.
Details far away and those being close, all of them are great.
Characters in middle part of the creation are positioned in a way that looks natural.
background that’s far away is also really well done.
Good job on this one.


I have no idea. I myself tried to pick few but i failed. To many creations that are special in their own way, at least in my opinion. And i don’t want to pick some and leave rest behind, so having hard time thinking about it.