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–Technically you can also have between categories. Wolverine isn’t just a mutant. He was given an adamantium skeleton coating. That might make him an augmented mutant. Artificial augmentation (surgical or suit-wearing) is not cyborg exactly.

I absolutely agree. In my opinion, surgical/genetic tinkering or augmentation usually results in what I would consider a ‘superhuman’, but I agree that suit-wearers with no powers are just ‘human’ and a being is only really a cyborg if it possesses both biological and mechanical/technological body parts. Definitely gives me something to think about regarding possible sub-categories/sub-species.
(I.e. If I created Wolverine, I would currently just write ‘Mutant’ for species, and differentiate between his natural mutations and later augmentations in the ‘powers/details’ section. I might add sub-species in parenthesis or try to be more specific in some way for any future characters)

Some people like the idea that trauma or repetitive and chronic abuse can ‘bring out’ the supernatural or magical or mystical ‘stuff’ that all of us have deep down. That would fall under human. Dr. Strange supposedly trained and traded for his powers. That’s human with outside augmentation.

For me, this falls under the broader definition of ‘Superhuman’. All of my ‘superhuman’ characters would have originally been regular humans, until a given accident, event or other outside influence/augmentation granted their powers. This inclues super-soldier serums or similar, ‘acts of God’ or natural accidents/disasters, etc.
Dr. Strange qualifies; even if any normal human could unlock the same/similar powers, he still has abilities that regular humans generally don’t. I guess it depends on how ‘magic’ works in the given universe or for the particular character.

Thanks for the advice, my friend. It gave me a lot of cool stuff to think about.