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Mr. Vaudeville

Thank you!

Shocker was one of the first Spiderman villains I ever saw as a child, and I guess his costume stuck with me. I didn’t look at any images of the Marvel character before creating this design, but I did an image search afterwards and was ‘shocked’ at how close I got it.

Of course, it’s mostly down to the ‘fishnet’-like pattern . Looks completely different without it. I did choose the pattern and the design of the mask in tribute to Shocker, but the other similarities (boots, shape of the jacket, the colour orange, etc) are a complete coincidence.

I’m glad you think he looks different enough to be unique, it was a concern. I guess it’s a fine line between tribute/homage and rip-off! 😀

Side note; The main inspiration for his powers comes from another Marvel character; Sebastian Shaw.