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The first thing i do is put down an anchor body, the first part you put down will always be in the centrer of the frame.
It is where every thing re centres to, both on export, if you move the view or when you reset movement.
So put down a part body you’re not going to use and give it a bright pink out line.

Here we have what i mean, i want to add in a second person to this pic.

Now i could just try and put them in, but working with them so far out of shot is difficult, so lets move him over.

The pink torso has to stay in the center but we can move the other parts, one at time over to the red body, the blue is where the second person goes.

And here he is in his new home, now on to blue lady.
I like to work in the centre and have an uncluttered view, so the next step is to screen off the rest with a big square from background and create another body.

So theres not much to see but here she is.

Shuffled over and cleaned up.