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Mr. Vaudeville

Well, there’s the mystic-type origins. Someone who uses magic, but is otherwise normal. Then there’s always the “token of power” origin. Green Lantern(s) all get their rings, the original Thor was empowered through his hammer and couldn’t transform without it (it was disguised as a cane, in his unpowered form), and, of course, He-Man/She-Ra. ;-]

Both good points, my friend!

Originally, I wanted to try and avoid ‘real magic’/mystic origins in my characters’ universe, but that changed when I created ‘The Blue Rune’ – who gained mystical powers from a token of power! 😛

I think any character who uses ‘real magic’ could fall into the ‘superhuman’ category? Maybe I could have a unique ‘magic user’ species.

‘Token of power’ origins are a little trickier, depending on the nature of then item; if the item bestows permanent superpowers I would consider that character a ‘superhuman’, whereas I would consider Hal Jordan (for example) as just ‘human’ as the token item contains the powers rather than the man himself.