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Mr. Vaudeville


Alias: The Space Cowboy (a.k.a. Red Zev, Zubin Moontrapper, Zubin the Cold, Scourge of the Suki Nebula)
Legal Name: Zubin K’alach Zevrae
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Ethnicity: Vilonian
Occupation: Mercenary; Outlaw; Space Pirate; Bounty Hunter
Height: 6′ 0″
Body Type: Lean, Sinewy
Hair Colour:
Hair Type:
Eye Colour: Milky Blue
Skin Colour: Green
Species: Alien

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Limb regeneration, enhanced sense of smell, empathy, water-breathing.
Details/Limitations: Alien physiology grants a superhuman sense of smell, the ability to breathe underwater (and in atmospheres with a much lower oxygen content than earth), and the ability to regenerate lost limbs over time – providing he survives the initial encounter. Additionally, his race is mildly telepathic, providing some basic defence against psychic attack and allowing him to read the emotional state of others. On Earth and Earth like planets, he’s slightly stronger than humans.
Abilities/Skills: Gunplay, boxing, robbery,  smuggling, technology, piloting spacecraft.
Costume: Smugglers pants with dress shirt and waistcoat; travel boots; hat; optical headgear; gun belts.
Weapons: Twin high-powered laser pistols. Occasionally uses laser rifles, plasma rifles, and other advanced alien weaponry.
Gadgets/Tech: Optical headgear provides tactical tracking and geographical information, telescopic vision, and night vision. His ship – a modified light freighter named the Effortless – is capable of faster than light travel and is equipped with twin front-facing laser cannons, a rear mounted automatic turret, deflector shields, and mines.
Physical Weaknesses: Not particularly good in close combat or well defended outside the Effortless, vulnerable to Earth diseases.
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Weak against powerful psychic attack, crippling phobia of very large birds.

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: Cunning, treacherous, resilient, tough, selfish.
Likes: Money, guns, alcohol, stealing, women, saloon games, Earth cowboy movies/westerns.
Dislikes: Law enforcement, civilisation/government, birds, ‘Earth food’.
Habits/Quirks: A natural born, cold blooded killer, exiled from his home-world, ideally suited to piracy and mercenary work. A wanted criminal in several star systems, he encountered humanity while working for the Lunar Brood and was defeated for the first time by the members of Astroforce. After a brief time in prison, he developed a special disdain for the people of Earth, learning as much as he could about his new enemies. He became obsessed with Western movies and their outlaw heroes, even styling himself after them. His phobia of large birds comes from a near death encounter with a massive avian predator on his homeworld as a child. Sometimes works with a hired crew, but usually works alone for the highest bidder.
Fears: Prison, Large birds.
Family: Unknown
Romantic Interests:
Affiliations: The Lunar Brood
Enemies: Astroforce


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