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Mr. Vaudeville

Cast has mushroomed. Good stuff. Do you want suggestions for power origin?

Thanks, dude.

I have a team of alien/space based heroes still to come, but any advice is always welcome and appreciated! Usually, I choose my heroes’ origins from the following categories for the ‘species’ section of the profile;

  • Human (not super powered, e.g. Batman)
  • Superhuman (any human that gained superpowers during an unusual event or ‘accident’, e.g. The Flash, Hulk, The Fantastic Four)
  • Mutant (any person born with latent superpowers as a result of genetic mutation, e.g. Most of the X-Men)
  • Alien (any species originating in space or on another planet, e.g. Superman, Martian Manhunter, Thor)
  • Cyborg (any person with cybernetic parts, including full androids/robots, e.g. Vision, Cyborg)

I know the descriptions are a bit vague, but I’ll describe the actual event/process that the hero gained his/her powers when I write out their full origin story. If you can think of any categories I’m missing, or any origins for specific characters/powers, I’d love to hear and discuss with you. 🙂