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Mr. Vaudeville

Notes: Somebody requested a sound based/musician hero a while back. I hope this sort of counts. I’m still working on base shadows at the moment, but once I start combining the tricks I’ve learned, the characters should state looking pretty sweet. Also; couldn’t find a better ‘sonic scream’ effect and gave up. Thanks again for all your patience. Some more villains coming up.


Alias: Waveform
Legal Name: Joshua Hamilton
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Ethnicity: English
Occupation: Music Producer; Bass Guitarist; Superhero
Height: 6′ 2″
Body Type: Slim, Toned
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Type: Short, Messy
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Skin Colour: Brown
Species: Mutant

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Sonic scream, voice manipulation, superhuman hearing.
Details/Limitations: Able to emit a sonic scream of incredible volume; low enough to collapse buildings, high enough to deafen/cause pain to a group of enemies, and with enough force to knock a grown man thirty feet across the room. Can also manipulate his normal speaking voice to mimic another person or perform acts of ventriloquism. Additionally, he has superhuman hearing well above normal levels, and is able to detect subsonic and supersonic frequencies.
Abilities/Skills: Sound engineering/music production, bass guitar, singing, boxing, karate.
Costume: Fireproof bodysuit with stab proof upper body section; impact resistant shoulder pads, boots, and gloves; mask; utility belt.
Gadgets/Tech: Utility belt contains the usual crime-fighting gadgets; disposable handcuffs, medical supplies, a small notepad with pen, and a compact handheld flashlight.
Physical Weaknesses: Not especially skilled at close combat against trained martial artists; powerless if silenced or rendered unable to speak.
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Vulnerable to psychic attack.

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: Charismatic, outgoing, fun-loving, entrepreneurial, loyal.
Likes: Music, playing live, singing, socialising, laughter, attention/being a hero.
Dislikes: Taking things too seriously, bland food, unnecessary violence, corporate crime, bad musicians.
Habits/Quirks: A successful producer and session musician with his own independent label, excelling in his chosen field of music. Initially lacking most of the tactical skills and knowledge shared by his fellow superheroes, he learned fast and possesses a unique drive to succeed. Fun-loving and comedic, and never seeming to take anything too seriously, he enjoys entertaining people and spreading happiness – often finding himself deeply troubled by the sadness of others. Most comfortable in the spotlight, his instinctive charisma and flair make him a natural and popular hero. Over the years, he transformed from an unsure and unskilled crime-fighter into a formidable champion and natural leader, semi-retiring from his musical career to spend more time dealing out justice.
Fears: Losing his voice, heights, social rejection.
Family: Francis Hamilton (Father)
Romantic Interests: Rebecca Sykes (Girlfriend)
Allies: The Dark Spartan, The Silver Thorn, Kali, Interface.
Affiliations: Iron Patrol, Society of European Superheroes, Terran Defence Corps.
Enemies: The Mutant Syndicate, Tau Magi, Church of the Fractured Dawn, The Lawless Earth Network.


Coming soon

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