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Well, I’ve been trying to work on gradient lighting effects (that is the term, right?) while also putting together the first of a three-stage character progression.  here’s the first one with a default pose. Tell me how the lighting works and if you know see how to make it better, please!

This character’s name is Kezron. He was a character I created (with help) for a game I had with my older brother (the issuer of the progenitor challenge pics). Kezron was originally a mighty warrior, champion of the people, and a noble paladin. Kezron was unmatched in martial skill and his honor was likewise without equal. He died hundreds of years before our game took place. Our antagonists were facing an enemy with many lieutenants, one of which was a necromancer. The necromancer raided Kezron’s tomb and raised Kezron as a death knight, giving him an unusually strong sense of self, in an effort to make use of the hero’s legendary tenacity, skills, and powers. Kezron faced the heroes numerous times, often times bringing them to the very edge of defeat, but Kezron was unable to defeat them outright. Each time Kezron was defeated, the necromancer would give Kezron more and more free will, to better enable the death knight to make use of more of mortal Kezron’s more advanced techniques and tactics. This eventually led to Kezron gaining enough free will that he was offended by the dark task to which he was bound and he rebelled against the compulsion that the necromancer used to bind kezron to his task.

In addition to gaining more free will, each time Kezron was summoned more thoroughly into the physical world, he gained more powers and his appearance would change to reflect his more corporeal undead nature.

Kezron, stage one