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Finally a reference pose and an end to the mystery of what Emaile Le Mort looks from behind.

I’m not that happy with the back, anyone got know how to make it better.
Trying out some new tops, i think she now cursed to never wear a normal top.

Really happy with how the mask came out on this one.

The face is in front of silver surround and the refecltion is from the neckware collar thing with some alpha work.

The Blood Phoenix
Part: 3?
July 24, 2014
The lobby of a called “massage pallor” owned by Tony ‘Two Toes’.

Katherine was here for one reason only money, ‘Two Toes’ kept a counting room on the top floor.
She had to take care, there where dozens of innocent men and women in here.

Quickly she unbuttoned her shirt and pulled the mask down over her face….


August 3, 2014

The basement of our hero’s hide out.

“Juanita! there’s twenty of them at least!, how are we going to get of this?”

The thud echoed down the stairs as the door started to shake.