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Mr. Vaudeville

As promised, one of the most common enemies from my superheroes’ universe. Though not the primary antagonists, they’re a constant problem.

Sorry if the pictures are too small or low quality – individual biographies for each character coming soon!


Organisation Profile

Group Name: The Mutant Syndicate
Activities: International crime; arms dealing; smuggling; financial crime; bank robbery; extortion. Legitimate business fronts; insurance firms; restaurants; film companies; corporate investments.
The Don – Leader
Lady Luck
Trick Shot
The Hardman
Dr. Crane
The Syndicate Mansion – Hollywood, CA.
Various safe-houses in major cities around the world.
Notable Equipment: Members have access to almost unlimited wealth and conventional weapons, as well as expensive cars, utility vehicles, and helicopters. Dr. Crane often provides the group with chemical and technological weapons.
Membership Requirements: Mutant, Invite only.
Allies: Lawless Earth Network, Lunar Brood, The Shadowguard.
Rivals: Order of Divine Assassins, Church of the Fractured Dawn.
Enemies: International Freedom League, United States Sentinels, Society of European Superheroes, Indo-Asian Superhuman Assembly, Apex Squad, Iron Patrol.


Nobody is really sure how long the Mutant Syndicate has been in business, save The Don himself. Originally a small crime family operating out of Chicago, IL, The Don used his mutant powers and astonishing intellect to amass incredible wealth, growing the organisation into a successful international crime syndicate. Moving his base of operations to an extravagant mansion in California, he recruited some of the most notorious mutant criminals ‘into the family’ and expanded the range of the groups activities.

Aside from the inner circle of lieutenants and bodyguards, the syndicate has a growing membership of low-level thugs and foot-soldiers. Usually these grunts perform most of the dirty work, but whenever a group of them strike a lieutenant is usually close at hand to oversee the operation. A constant nuisance for the IFL and other superhero groups, the Mutant Syndicate is one of the most common and pervasive enemies to be encountered.

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