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Mr. Vaudeville

Hi guys.

Born in ’89, I’m a professional musician and singer from England. My name is Kurt, but I often go by Mr. Vaudeville as a username/online handle. As well as singing and playing guitar, bass, mandolin, saxophone, drums, and some basic piano, my hobbies and interests include; reading, writing, fantasy & science fiction, photography, fitness, and martial arts. Anything creative is good.

I’ve been aware of heromachine for many years, and messed around with it a bit as a teenager. I recently decided to give it another go and felt inspired enough to join the current forums at long last. I’m still getting to grips with things at the moment.

I think some of you guys are absolutely brilliant artists/designers, and I love that there are people from all walks of life and parts of the world here.

Hope to see you around!