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Man. I want to see dialogue between these three . . .

Well here you go, it turn out i’m going to write some Si-Fi…


“Well lady’s what do we have here? An Offworlder, out side of space town.
You know the quarantine code says that’s a death crime space man.
Now keep your hands where i can seem, Cyndry search him, see if we have to call in for back up?
Ok what’s your name and entrance number?”

“see if we have to call in for back up?”

That meant do you have money for the bribe.
Hendricks froze up, he wasn’t meant to be shaken down by the local cops, he was an agent of the Solar Investigation Bureau, not some captain of flying scrap heap.

A pair of eyes flashed in the darkness
“I see you’ve found some trouble already, Hendricks.” it was a woman’s voice, with a thick off planet accent he couldn’t place.

Then he saw her, bright green eyes and crimson hair, the pair of jaggaed claw marks across her face.
As she stepped from the shadow he could see the rest of her, tall and lithe with legs long and lean,a body tuned to perfection, built to be a human killing machine.

“Freydis the Claw! I should of known it would be you. Send a gene freak to hunt a gene freak…