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Herr D

Yikes! Has it been four days? Thank you very much AK. Never apologize for complimenting twice–at least not complimenting ME twice. I like it. Feel free to point out which are faves. I’m the first to remember art is subjective, and so not every piece, or even every subject /genre / treatment / emotional valence is for everyone.

On the subject of how my mind works . . . it just doesn’t quit, that’s all. Horribly distracting when trying to sleep.


Well, I’m out of time that I can use on this one. So, in explanation, Vincent and an artist of ANOTHER kind, Dahl had the problem of uncontrolled psychic remote through-a-partner-viewing, and, worse, it was across alternate dimensions. So, to make a long story shorter than the explanation, this is the view one of Evil Wonka’s captives had two hours later during the Knid battle in the background from the alternate (armed) Wonkavator about 100 meters higher and to the left of Wonka’s previous fallback point. Evil Wonka’s castle and the old cathedral where the locals sought shelter are visible in the early morning light.



“Hamadryad Under Harvest Moon Discovering Deciduous Pattern Baldness”