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Im happy your like the McCloud family photo and it makes you laugh.
Yeah baby cyrus has Dad’s curl, Mom’s rosey cheeks and Granddad Cyrus; fat LOL.

“The Teenager pic- I feel bad for him in a way as it looks like he’s waking up from a really rough night of.. I’m not sure what.”

You are right. his parents were murdered, the person was never caught, he had to leave his home and he lives with his Chicago cop grandfather, who he dearly loves, but the guy is more rigid, rule heavy than what young Cyrus was used to with his parents.

Cop and Detective pic. I’m glad the difference between the two comes across.

I still have the Galatian sketch, but she is bare breasted so I don’t thinkk I can post her here, even on my page.
Might need to get a Deviant Art page (if I don’t already have one, if I do I haven’t used it in two forevers) and post her there.

As requested …
here is the Museum Theif/Cop Killer
where Cyrus loses his partner..
You can see the guy running to his VW rustbucket (not blood stainded) get-a-way car
And you find out everything Cyrus knows about him.

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