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Great characters, Funkmachine! I’m a big fan of the ‘era’ your making a lot of these characters from. Well done on all the characters I’ve seen so far.

I was wondering if the way the Hoplites are standing if that is a hint at their ‘phalanx’ tactics?

To be honest that’s just the easiest way to fit them in shot.
The idea of an era does appeal to me but some of them are vaguely historical, most the one’s of Genovefa which is meant to be set around 60 AD but just because there’s Romans in it.

And Sveirj the viking, well a viking.

Scale Mail. Great use of armor. Is she a fawn with those hooves?

Kind of, well she pretending to be a horse.
Basically it part of the horse nomads myths.
There for ever trying to hide there footstep from the ground so that the earth god can’t find them.
They use horse hoofs as part of a deal with the horse god.

Emaile with hostage.
Kewl story and illustration for it. I SO wouldn’t want her after me.

I wouldn’t her after me ether she not normal that woman…