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Woohoo! Cyrus background stuff!

The family photo is awesome! You totally nailed that entire picture, Cliff. All their expressions are wonderful. You made the entire baby look like a baby. Every time I look at the baby I laugh because it’s just so well done and the entire picture is just ‘happy’. Way to go on that one!

The Teenager pic- I feel bad for him in a way as it looks like he’s waking up from a really rough night of.. I’m not sure what.

Cop and Detective pic- Good overall pictures here. Great colors and outfit. I like the McCloud name tag (looks possibly stitched on), glad you have that in there. I like how he is clean shaven/cut in this pic and then in the Detective one he has grown the facial hair and the head of hair is longer.  Great pose and outfit on the detective pic. It shows an attitude and a confidence about him. Great pictures, my friend! Keep them coming. I’m hoping to see a pic of the Museum thief/cop killer.

Nice picture of the Galatian. The underwater scene is amazing, Cliff.. as is expected of your backgrounds. Just so much depth (no pun intended) in that scene, awesome job!