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Axe woman Amalie is very kewl .. well warm now I guess with trousers 🙂

Emaile with hostage.
Kewl story and illustration for it. I SO wouldn’t want her after me.

Everyone needs A Day at the Beach and a brake from being vigilantes.. Gotta love taking an umbrella to the beach to keep the sun off you. I guess it is done laying out, but walking with it is kinda funny. 🙂
Katherine Lee, if that is her with the booze, doesn’t look like she is relaxing yet with that face expression. :).

Sveirj the viking. Wonderfully done.

The two stripped girls are kewl.

Cale Mail. Great use of armor. Is she a fawn with those hooves?

I think the hair style works for her. kewl skull weopons

Good work on the 3 Hoplites