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POP QUIZ – HAPPY 50TH Sept10, 2016


During Highschool I started an acrylic painting using a gymnast for the model. It took me 9 years to finally finish it when I went back to college and needed a last project in a Painting class. The instructor said I could finish a painting I had started. So I finally finished it.
When I got married my wife loved my painting “Joie de Vivre ”
and she turned the painting into the inspiration for a character in a Star Trek story she was writing for a contest.
Unfortunately the computer loved her story … with relish … it ate it.
But we had the story in our head. She had named the planet of underwater aliens Caron V after her boss where she worked at a movie theater.
The planet of mer-people we called Galatians,
The leader was the Kyree.
A sketch I did of another female was the sister of the Kyree, which was the inspiration for this HM3.
Sadly we don’t remember their names.

Mood Music:
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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to bring the Kyree’s sister to life via HM3 🙂

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