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Ok, I went back and found the original post of London Fog. The first pic (the one zoomed out) is my favorite one of those. That whole character/scene is pretty amazing. I can’t wait to see more of him and scenes from his past.

The name Tiberius is something that has just stuck with me from an early age, not sure why. I originally heard it from the Roman General Tiberius. If I remember my history correct, he was one of the few Roman Generals who didn’t want to become Emperor. And then (as you have hinted at) James Tiberius Kirk is one of my favorite TV/Movie characters, so that just makes it all the better.

Yes, I believe your suggestion to reduce the lightning effect in the background for Bolt was a good one. I just posted him on DeviantArt along with a few other characters, and made sure to mention your assistance with the lightning effect. It was much appreciated!

You said “then said this is going to take TOO LONG so …” Thank you sir for that. I had to laugh out loud for real because I have said exactly that on most of my characters.