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Thanks for the comments!

I have to ask before I forget this time … Where is your name from? Are you a Trekkie? or is it more like Roman Emperor? Or something else?

On Inferno’s embers I started to do a yellow gradient circle size 5×5, then a smaller (Size 2×2) white one in the center,
then said this is going to take TOO LONG so …
The embers around Inferno are several (7) star feilds from Backgroud/Sky Second line/First one with the Prime color set on O (invisable), the Secondary on Bright yYllow, and the  Line color set on 9 invisable.
You can still see some of the white on yellow on Infern’s left side at shoulder level.

Man! I personally think the thinner lightning effect around your speedster Bolt looks much better and realer. How about you?

London Fog starts on Cliff’s Eclectic Mayhem halfway down page 6
on June 8, 2015 at 11:54 pm
all of page 7

and on Page 10 on Jan 6, 2016

London Fog is as mentioned an old time character concept, since highscool in the 80s, although he was just a punny Hero and Secret ID name and power with no origin or background.
Originally created on HM3 Tues. July 6,  2010 for the fun of it.
I posted London Fog in CDC Nature  Mon Sept 20, 2010.
Redid and entered Sept/Oct 2010 in Weather CDC.
CDC ♯125 Two Great Tastes June 8, 2015 Entry #1 Super Hero/Noir.
Wed. June 10, 2015 – made London Fog #1 comic cover from Super

Hero/Noir entry.
Winner of Pop Quiz “What A Dick” 100315.
London Fog keyhole in CDC #186 Elementals 090716.

And interestingly enough I had alread decided to do some more pics of Cyrus with his family as a baby and child, possibly as a kid moring his parents death, as a kid with his grandfather in Chicago, Cyrus as a Cop, on with him with his partner etc …..