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Thanks again for your gracious comments, I am honored.
1. Thank, Rocketship Luna was fun.
2. ‘That Asian background is in Background/Cityscapes, a retangle gradiant for the sky, and some clouds
3. Knowing Justin McKinney  made you happier and being you favorite is probably the best compliment you could give me and him. 😀
4. I honestly like him best without fangs. I think the glowing eyes and bloody mouth gets the point across. LOL
–Yeah I love Justin Case character. Torn clothing is in Tops/Zombie
–Yeah, metal and armor are not my faves. I havent got down metal shading yet, Better with flesh. But I was please with Thor. glad you were too.


“Wow making up for lost time??”
Yes actually 🙂

Glad you liked Spyman, so even though he didn’t make it to the Pop Quiz he wasn’t totally useless.

Thanks. Justin Case is a fave of mine.
Which shirt did you like best?
Open red plaid or torn blue?