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Herr D

Yikes. Thank you, T! My imagination does tend to be the elephant in the room. If only my skills could catch up to it, or better yet, my speed of execution!


Hairy told me this ‘story’ about where he’s been while I’ve been ‘monitoring’ Shelob for him.

“So, I lost my ride. Had to take care of it. Then I met this old-timer. He gave me a lift. We went a little out of our way. We had to avoid this storm, and he had some, uh, dietary issues. Then I found out he was homeless, had a disability, and, worse, the staff of the park he was living near had led him to believe they’d keep giving him food and stopped suddenly. He doesn’t even know why. Dazed and confused, he didn’t even know the way back! I had to find him a situation and leave him. Felt bad about it, but I can’t take him in. The cold in my area would kill him, even if I could support him. I took him back south a ways, so at least the coming winter won’t bother him so much. Anyway, sorry I’ve been out of touch for so long.”




I’m out of time, and this subject DOES deserve more–so I just missed doing Mother Theresa! This is another good candidate though.

First published feminist poet in the Americas? Yeah. Nun? Huh. Some symbolism here: femme symbol combined from peace and cross, then balancing cross  / scales. Scrolls and quills from Polyhymnia, muse of sacred poetry. What I read says the black dye is expensive to make, besides time-consuming. Wimple was a must, though. Her work is the first reference I’ve seen for “don’t blame the victim” besides possibly Shakespeare. Nice stuff.