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CDC #153 BUILDINGS – January 23, 2016

You may have heard of my Satyr bard Philander a while back, this is his Bardic College. It’s an octagon with a towers and a gold dome.
There is even a tiny Philander satyr on the closest bank,, along with a fox and several birds in and around the tree
That was a pretty wild advernture. It was my birthday spotlight game in 2011.
One of the odd things about the college. it is of alien origin, and was on an asteroid, in a Spelljammer adventure, we were fighting some villains who had discovered a song to bring the powerful alien Gonn who were musical spheres of great power and intelligence. Philander was able to play a song of warning to the Gonn about the villains intent to control and use them for destruction. The villains were vanquished by our party and Philander ended up communicating with the Gonn in song and ended up with the now unused college as a thank you from the Gonn complete with the asteroid being carefully plunked down on our planet.
There was a catastrophic event (all three DMs desided to fuse their game worlds together and the three planets breached a dimensional rift and collided) so when Philanders Bardic College set down, his was the only remaining one, the only seat of music training. Many people flocked to his college and the surrounding lands.

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