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Wow, it’s been since Jan since I’ve posted here,

I have been entering contest and Pop Quizs from time to time

In July I had some major health problems. I was forgetting a lot of things, and couldn’t write and trouble walking.  I had went to a hospital for a week, then went back to ER, they didn’t do much at all, so wen to a diff ER, then was in that hospital for a week. It was there that we thought I might have had a stroke. They did MOST of a MRI, the relaxer they gave me didn’t work well with me, I got paranoid and hallucinated, and couldn’t do all of the MRI, but we did do enough to see it wasn’t a stroke. Turned out it was an enzyme imbalance.   The last day I couldn’t get out of the tube and had to get a male tech to lift me out of the tub, which was so low my knees would hold me from that position. Several time I fell and couldn’t get up. Bre needed to use her Life Alert to get help, so I had some cute firemen manhandling me.

But I finally got some better, my memory came back mostly, and some of my strength

Recently I was going to kneel down for a family picture, and ackwardly remembered I couldn’t kneel anymore.

Right now I have had blood in my urine, but no pain. It’s not stone, so will have to let them have a look to see what it is. oh joy.

Still going to dialysis T, Th, Sat. I have lost 20 pounds since last month. a bit over a hundred pounds since I started dialysis.

So that is the medical update for me, hope I wasn’t too open. Now on to the fun stuff … my HM3 creations …. (next post)