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CDC- Walk Like an Egyptian

Two sisters, born one year apart under auspicious omens had no idea they were special, as these omens had been long lost to time. Both sets of grandparents had left Egypt before the births of their parents, and the two girls grew up like any other western kids. On the day they turned nineteen and twenty, they learned the truth. They were destined to become avatars of the goddesses Nekhbet and Wadjet, the protectors of the Pharaoh. The long-dormant old magic was slowly seeping back into the world, and the girls were tasked in finding and protecting the one who carried the Pharaoh’s blood, and standing against the works of the chaotic ones (Set and Apophis) and the demons. The two girls shed their modern names, taking new ones from history: The eldest took the name Semat, and became the avatar of the cobra, Wadjet, and the youngest became Nebetah, avatar of the vulture, Nekhbet. This, and the inner turmoil that comes of having an ancient goddess live inside you, alienated them from their family, but opened a door of knowledge long closed. They search now for the Blood of Kings (whoever that may be), and any other avatars that may have awoken in the world.