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Herr D

wow, extremly original team detected! (+1 intensifies) the “&” name shall win name of the year award, i am 100% sure about it (+1) simply wonderful! (big +1 for you)

Why, thank you! I was going for one of those during-credit montages that they wind up using a still from to bridge the dead air between show and commercials. “and” as a character name is something I’ve done before in writing. It was originally supposed to be an excuse to use no capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, but hey, it turned out to be indicative of an inability to just do one thing. Supertaskers are practically speed demons, right?


“Thoth Startled Hearing Smashing Stone Tablets”

I had a thought about this one. Somewhere or another, be it an external dimension or a distant planet, the being thought of as Thoth might have been listening in while tapping at a relief when humans started being irreverent toward aliens or supernatural beings even greater than himself by smashing the Ten Commandments’ stone tablets. He goes into an ibis’ pose as a defensive reflex, he turns and hunches to defend himself with the hammer, popping the hidden Book Of Thoth unpasted from his headwrap which goes flying into a corner. Dust settles a bit. Silence.

Then he blurts out, “FINE! Humans. Awwwk!”


P.S. I forgot to mention, his loincloth makes a reference to how he ‘enabled’ five lives to be created in his thrice great craftiness, and so ruined the perfect year . . .