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Yeah I see what you mean about his fist, it’s a little impossible, I may go back and fix it.

: I put a black insignia beneath the bottom of her cleavage, as that part of her costume is in shadow.

Here is White Phoenix the protege of Black Phoenix. She was one of A.E.G.I.S guineapigs. They spliced her DNA with that of some extracted DNA from a fossilised feathered dinosaur, and so she sprouted wings. Her natural ‘gift’ allows her to manipulate flames, not create them and she is not immune to burns, though she is very resistant. She operates during the day and Black Phoenix during the night.

I also recently read JR’s post about the lack of commenting, and it’s fair to say it made me a little sad. I think that there is less interaction for people now on the blog, as there are no more CDC polls or COTW to keep peoples competitive spirits up. I do however realise there were good reasons those were stopped. A good part of my motivation for improving and continuing to use HM were to try and get in the CDC polls or even a mention in the also awesome section of COTW, because then I knew I was improving and it felt great to get acknowledged. I think the decline in interaction may be due to there being less to interact with, especially for non forum machiners. I will try to comment more, at least for the near future. Sorry for the long post.

P.S. I would have written a lot more but I felt it probably wouldn’t help.

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