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Herr D

It might be interesting to read a non-broody, “#$%^”-it I CAN BE GOOD despite this, full-of-sarcasm and angry chomping-not-biting humor. Like thus:

Chapter 3: Sheer Bloody-minded Bloodying Of Minds

Of course I managed to get out of the brawl without killing anyone, despite their determination to make me kill some of them. Quite a few head trauma were in the E.R. that night, but then, hey! They were pretty obviously brain-damaged ANYWAY … so no net loss. I mean, really, Zika-infant skulls shoulda had space left over with these guys.

The sad part is that I never found out what the second pinhead was talking about. When I found him in the recovery room and unplugged his call button, he was ready to tell me anything I wanted. But the doofus COULDN’T REMEMBER! So much for rescuing THAT bimbo.


[snippet yours if you want to write around it; I miss seeing new writing from you]