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Herr D

She’ll mesmerize you, he’ll figure out the solution, he’ll get it ALL done, and it will DAZZLE you with its amazing powers of bioluminescence!



“Padiddle Brody, AKA Wheels” was spurned by the activists of the civil rights movements of the sixties that he tried to assist, because he only advocated for getting himself rich. He didn’t come quietly. All four arresting officers were hospitalized along with him. He claimed at trial that he only drove the getaway car and didn’t even know the identity of the other bank robbers. Despite his thievery, he was dearly loved by many for his capacity to disable squad cars and soup up ambulances, fire trucks, and getaway cars for the activists that needed to get away from police that would have unfairly killed them. Nicknamed for the ‘padiddle’ game, which he claimed to win by having the right to call it at all times, having only one eye himself.

It wasn’t true, of course, he could see perfectly, just had extreme photosensitivity in his left eye from a welding accident years ago.

“That’s not mine!”