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Name: Ruby Flame (Kalinda Gupte)

Affiliation: Hero

Abilities: Flame Manipulation and Flight

Information: Kalinda Gupte lived in Mumbai, India all her life. She was a museum curator, who always had a fascination with artifacts representing the Sun God Surya. It was this fascination that lead her to an excavation site that was said to have uncovered and ancient temple dedicated to Surya. It was here that she discovered the Ruby of Surya, which was said to contain powers equal to Surya. Upon approaching it, the gem shot towards her, and rammed itself into her forehead. After a week long coma, Kalinda woke up to discover she could not only fly, but produce flames from her body. However, she was unable to remove the Gem from her skull for some unknown reason. Inspired by the actions of other heroes around the world, Kalinda became Ruby Flame. She can often be seen teaming up with American heroine LimeLight, Ruby Flame is one of the few Superbeings to not hide behind a mask.

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