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Name: Rugdrox Dvzer A.K.A Rave Goblin


Affiliation: Annoyance


Abilities: Manipulation of Reality and Space (Unknown the extent of his abilities), Teleportation between dimensions and time, mind control(only to the degree that he makes people do what they secretly want to do, as long as it agrees with his party)


Info: Perhaps the most unstable, yet unpredictable of superbeings out there is the interdimensional hopping being known as Rave Goblin. With such great power at his disposal, one would assume he would attempt to rule over galaxys. However, it appears this being pops to and from universes looking for a “Good party” so he can quote “Drop some funky beats on the Turn-tables”. His actions, though not illegal (edit: in this reality?) have become something of a bother to this world. He was last seen at the,now viral video, battle between the Hero Eclipse and the villianness Oblivion, where he fabricated a dj booth. Shocking still, the 5 minute video showed Eclipse and Oblivion dancing inappropriately together. The party reportedly lasted for 4 days, with no police force or hero capable of entering what was designated “The Party zone.” Reports suggest nobody was harmed, with the exception of reputations and hangovers. Perhaps the strangest of powered beings, one would hate to underestimate his laid back attitude and party lifestyle as weakness.

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