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Herr D

@Madjack: AWHHH, MAAAAAN! I wanted to meet an energy-saving lamp man. That would be a green genie, right? In a parka, so he could live comfortably with his eskimo mom. Because 300+ years ago, there was a wife-sharing incident . . .


A rare picture of ‘Blaesduft,’ her preferred spelling uncertain. She is, to all accounts, a low-power hero. She has weak wind powers and the ability to generate specific scents. “Blow scent” is how her name loosely translates from Danish, not “Blast Tufts,” as a certain American journalist misunderstood. He was reporting on an incident in Denmark where a terrorist tried to rob a bank to fund his cell. Amid the negotiations, she realized the terrorist’s identity, and that he was allergic to roses. Her attempt to cover him with that scent was nearly botched by the fact that she had to blow the scent in through a disused vent. Covered with rose-scented TUFTS of lint from the vent, the terrorist staggered out, sneezing, eyes watering, and broken out in hives. Interestingly enough, he had proven resistant to tear gas in an earlier incident. She has not been reached for comment.



“Well, Aliens Don’t Wear Raincoats”