Reply To: New Possible Designs


Matthew Haughton

Here’s some concept designs for Superheroes

Some of them a detailed, some are very basic.

One of them (the SUPER detailed one) is more of a baseline for how things COULD look as a finished product. Obviously not so detailed and picturesque because Heromachine isn’t that sort of application, but as an example of the idea of kinda having different things that meld together to create something awesome.

On the more basic ones, it’s mainly to look at the banding and the use of coloured outlines to use as a highlight, so the costume has sometimes three colours, one as the primary colour, one as the secondary primary colour and then one as the highlight. You can normally see this around the arms, the legs and around the torso where there’s almost the actual shape of the boot or the logo and then a thick almost outline, in a different colour, which makes it stand out. Also you can see in the way the colours work, because that’s kinda how superhero costumes work and it’s not super easy to create this kinda stuff on Heromachine. Some of the shapes are one shape as opposed to many different ones put together and I think they’d look cool as options on Heromachine.


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