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Elmer Carlfalk


COLOR: Tangerine


PURPOSE: Hates and fears Everything in the universe, except his/her own ring

SPECIAL ABILITIES/THINGS: Can disable red, orange and yellow Power rings for a short while. Can see which lanterns want to join their corp.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: has to be from red, orange, or sinestro corps.


In saddest day, or maddest night,

We’ll bring you down, and show you our light,

Through anger, greed and fear, wee’ll bring you a fight,

Kneel Before, our Powers might!


When the entities Parallax (fear), The Butcher (rage) and Ophidian (greed) came to the universe, they each lost a very small piece of their bodies. These pieces fell through space until they landed on Three different planets named Munov, Deulia, and Scaetis. After many millenium, the Three planets collided and created Vuwhars, a planet made only by solidified lava. When the planets collided, so did the parts of the entities. They created a tangerine rock the size of a small asterioid. The rock was called The Paratchian rock. Then about a Century later, a Koruagrian with the name Phril Sinthadan (I am terible with names) came to Vuwhars. He already wielded a red lantern ring, but decided to try to put som of the paratchian rock on his ring, and what came was unexpected. He suddenly felt even more angry than Before, and started taking the other lanterns as an even bigger threat, and feared Everything but his ring and the planet he was on. After some years jhad passed by, some red lanterns from Ysmault, came looking for him. He was afraid, but filled with determination and rage. And managed to take all Three down fairly easily. But he copuldn’t bring himself to kill them. He knew he couldn’t survive alone forever, so he told them that they could choose between joining him or dying. Two of them wanted to join him, but the tird didn’t. So he killed him. And that was how the Tangerine Lantern corps grew. lanterns from red, orange, and Sinestro corps started disappearing  nad most of them joined the tangerine lantern corps.