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I forgot that i never posted this here.

Deviantart link.
The axe woman cometh.

Another art piece for A trip to the northern reaches.
Amalie finally gets some trousers like a proper barbarian lady.


Deviantart link in case this go’s down.
Emaile with hostage.

Emaile Le Mort moved slowly, creeping from tombstone to tombstone in the low fog.
She had to get closer, draw there eye to her so Dominic could reach the girl.
She leap in to action, grabbing the last cultist by neck and jamming her pistol in to her face.

“HALT! STAY WHERE YOU ARE! “she shouted.
The leader turned and pulled a gun from under his robes, Emaile dived for cover, tossing the hostage aside.

Her shotgun roared back, scattering them as Dominic dashed to the alter.
Another final shotgun blast and she pulled out her second pistol.

The twin 357 magnums barked fire and death as woman and Dominic ran in to fog.

With a click the revolvers ran dry and Emaile started to load the shotgun.

The sound of a blade scarping out from a scabbard made her turn.

It was the homunculus, with inhuman speed she thrust her sword in to Emaile.
The cold steel blade pieced in to her chest.

“Ow you stabbed me.
This is my favourite top! and you ruined it!.” Emaile looked down at the sword hanging from her chest.

The homunculus woman looked at her shocked as Emaile seemed to be more concerned about her shirt than the sword.

“Oh your still wondering why i’m not dead yet?
Well your not the only one.
Now if you put down that sword we can talk, you have a lot of questions don’t you?”…