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One of the major events to occur in the CCU was the event that came to be called GODSEND. During this event the various pantheons of gods came under attack from an unknown source. Some gods were killed, others stripped of their divinity, rendered mortal, and cast from the heavens, and some simply vanished.

An unprecedented council was called with the heads of ten pantheons (Greek/Roman, Norse, Slavic, Hindu, Japanese, African, Egyptian, Inuit, Aztec/Mayan/Incan, and Native American) attending. The council sought to discover the source of the attacks which proved to be an agent of Entropy and Oblivion named the Devourer. Determining that the beast could not be stopped, the council devised an escape plan. Each pantheon would retreat from the mortal realm severing all contact in order to hide from the beast.

Not wanting to be forgotten, individual gods were permitted to choose one of three options:

  1. Renounce their divinity, be rendered mortal and remain on earth (though they would retain a fraction of their godly powers).
  2. Empower a mortal champion to be their representative (this champion could manifest the physical likeness of the god as well as a portion of their power). OR
  3. Empower an object with a portion of their power to serve as a relic granting access to the power to its wielder.

Some chose to stay and fight, others to withdraw. The death gods of several pantheons came up with a plan to imbue a champion with their total combined might, giving birth to the being that would come to be called Thanatos. Whilst the nascent Thanatos played a large role in the eventual defeat of the Devourer, he would go on to become one of the greatest threats to the world, requiring teams of heroes to defeat.

One intrepid reporter overheard a conversation between the Guardians of Justice and several gods who had remained to fight and when one god stated that this was the ‘End of the Gods” he had the perfect title for his story GODS’ END which would be corrupted to GODSEND due to a typesetting error. The name stuck and from the ashes of destruction a new wave of superhumans emerged, all empowered in some way by the departed gods.

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