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Mad Jack

Thanks a lot! But I really don’t think that your work is all too “amateurish” – I for one like it. 😉

If you look at my characters from when I first posted here (almost exactly 3 years ago), you can see that they didn’t look much different to yours.

I may have improvd a lot since then by just experimenting with items, but I still struggle with fancy poses and it took me what felt like ages to get a grip on “zypping”. Alas, there are still many guys/gals here whose greatness I’ll probably never achieve – just look at DJubys last masterpiece. *sigh*

As regarding the topic “design”: I get a lot of inspiration by browsing through other peoples artwork over at DeviantArt and of course from the works of my fellow ‘machiners. 😀

Anyways …


Great Defender
Defender is based on the public domain character Great Defender (Quality):