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This is a preliminary version of my new character Marathon.

MARATHON the Indefatigable Man

Aristedes ‘Ari’ Dedousis grew up a typical boy of greek ancestry. He was always physically active, excelling at various sports. His coaches described his as being inexhaustible, excelling at cross-country and marathon races as well as the various martial arts including wrestling, kickboxing and jujitsu. By the time he was in college, his seemingly inhuman endurance began to spark rumours of performance enhancing substances and he found himself under a growing cloud of suspicion. Tests  returned inconclusive which only reinforced the suspicions. By his Sophomore year he was being shunned by both the athletic community and the MMA scouts who had shown interest. Anxious to dispel the rumours, he volunteered for a study of human physiology being conducted at the University.

The results of exhaustive, cutting-edge testing revealed that Ari was actually a mutant. His seemingly inexhaustible stamina was due to his mutation, his body doesn’t produce the regular fatigue poisons that occur in the human body due to continued activity. As a result he never tires and could theoretically continue to perform any action indefinitely.

Outed as a mutant, Ari was expelled and all of his awards, medals and trophies were stripped from him. Seeking a new life, Ari moved to New York (I’m using new york as a default until I come up with my ‘own’ city setting) where, inspired by the many superhumans operating there he devised the persona of Marathon. Ari continues to study new fighting styles and is a formidable opponent in hand-to-hand combat, able to outlast any opponent.


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