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CDC- Aliens
Classified as Extraterram Cervus osteoaspis by the first human explorers to their world, this species refers to itself as Mellijum or “Ones of the Grass” ( as the closest translation). These first humans defined them ‘as if an ankylosaur and a deer had a baby’, though much of their bony outer defenses have shrunk or disappeared over time. What is left is the bony ‘harness’ across the torso, which anchors an intricate carapace on their backs. They also retain a complex, carefully cultivated array of horns, and a bony plate and frill on the head. Standing mainly bipedal and up to two and a half meters tall, the Mellijum have evolved large, three-fingered hands, though they can run on all fours for extra speed. Their outer, bony armor was used as a defense mechanism against a now extinct predator species which they describe as somewhat feline and incredibly vicious. Both species began to develop organized groups and civilization, although the predator species cooperated poorly due to their lone nature. They fought among themselves, with the Mellijum often caught in the middle. They were wiped out by a combination of warfare and diseases triggered by biological experimentation. The Mellijum left these places abandoned, preferring to use their technology to improve their farming practices, and for medicine, art, and music. They also have a deep knowledge of astronomy, though they choose not to pursue technologies to leave their world.

This picture depicts an adult female and a juvenile. The society is grouped into castes, although the system is loose and inter-caste movement, although often complex, is allowed. The adult wears the blue and gold of the Defender caste, those which safeguard the people from threats. She also wears paint on her head crests, which is a usual form of cosmetic and is applied in different patterns based on a number of factors. The child wears the green accents to their brown clothing, marking him as Producer (farmer) caste. All children wear similar clothing made from certain tough grasses, as their protective bone growths do not fully mature until puberty. Even his head crest is small and his horns and frill have not yet emerged, putting him probably around the equivalent to an Earth six year old. His mane is also loose, whereas and adults would either be cut quite short, or elaborately braided down the back.

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