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CDC- Redesign

Pulling up an old character I made for one of my first contests.

Original Bio: Skye Thomas was not born with powers. One day while playing outside with her younger sister, the two girls were caught in a radioactive beam from the gun of Gamma Man, a local supervillain. Her sister was killed instantly, but six-year-old Skye was thrown into a snow bank, where the radioactive particles mutated her. Her skin pale and eyes changed to an icy blue, but most of all, it gave her power over the cold. Now, eleven years later, Skye uses her powers to protect the children of the city from harm, whether extraordinary or everyday. She is able to shoot blasts of cold, call storms, and create ice projectiles, such as her Frost Knives. Calling herself Polara, she will make sure no children suffer while she has the power to protect them.

Original design:

This new look is an older Skye, a veteran hero with a proper costume and full mastery over her powers.

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