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Hello machiners…it’s me.  I’ve been gone a long time.  I know that these forums are for sharing art and ideas, but if I may take a moment of personal privilege here on my thread, I just want to say thank you.  I’ve been gone a long time because my personal life fell completely apart.  My fiancee left me, and I also have been estranged by both of my best friends of 10 years.  I lost a good friend of mine to alcoholism, and fell into a depression the likes of which even I have never known. I fought with the idea of suicide for a long time, and am only recently fighting my way back.  Rereading some of the comments, critiques, and compliments I have been given for my work on the site helped me tremendously.  Remembering that I was a member of the Power Use Profiles helped me.  Thinking back of the support and friendship I have found from many of you over the years helped me not feel so alone.  So, even though we’ve never met, never shared a drink or shaken hands…thank you all.  This is one of the most supportive communities I’ve ever been a part of…and I look forward to coming back and posting, chatting, and challenging all of you again when I am able to do so.  Again, to all the creators and machines out there, thank you.


The One and Only


p.s.-I will return, if you all will still have me 😉