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Herr D

Though I wish I had more time for this piece too, I’ve got to call it quits.


Colonists ran into a surprise when they went to drill for water on a certain planet. The surface just wouldn’t remain stable enough to drill, except where the indigenous life walked. It turned out that, like many aboriginal species, the local quadrupeds had developed a good instinct and sensory awareness of their surroundings. Since the one species, dubbed “Giant Spike Sloths,” tended to crush the well equipment with their massive paws, they made a quick study and revamped their strategy. Now the colonists drill the flanks of the male quadrupeds to get their water, process it, and fly it to central living quarters on the females. Shown here is Water Reclamation Station E34 in two shots: a bubble lens on approach from a water flyer and a panoramic view of GSS-E34. The computer program that levels the tension grid holding up the station and their tenants is actually quite simple. Each step of GSS-E34 takes about six hours.



Inspired by the Bloch masterpiece, “Men Are Different.”