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Guy in Get In Shape CDC 2015
2016 haiga Monkey

For the last several years I have participated in a Nengajo -Japanese New Year haiku postcard exchange with some haiku friends.
This year is “Year Of The Monkey”
to be specifit it’s the Fire Monkey
which starts Feb 8 this year.

so here is my haiku and the haiga (haiku accompanying art, which does NOT have to relate nessasarily to the actual haiku, many say it definately shouldn’t but add to the verse)

I tried to do it as an old sumi-e (brush and ink) painting
the chop (name stamp) stands for my haigo (haiku penname) which is “kawazu” (the old literary word for “frog”, which a famous haiku was written about by Matsuo Basho “the grandfather of haiku”)

last bell fades
eating good luck noodles
at first sunrise *

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu **

(* this stands for 3 Japanese new year traditions)
(** Happy New Year)

PS Haiku do NOT have to be 5/7/5 syllables nowadays, once they got into translations better they realize Japanese is said faster then English and 5/7/5 English is longer and has more info in it than 5/7/5 Japanese

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