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And my second offering: Faye Dragonkiller

Originally called Faye Luckborn, she was born in a small farming village. The night of her birth was one of a strange celestial event, and it was thought that it would be lucky for Faye. That luck, as it were, extended to being the only person in her village to survive the ravages of the mad Azure dragon, Ikelt’Iaka. Badly wounded by the dragon, Faye, possessed by a manic determination, managed to slay the beast after climbing atop it and driving a spear through each eye and into the dragon’s brain. The dragon’s blood covered her and seeped into her wounds, mixing with her own blood and giving her a certain kinship with dragons and heightened strength and endurance. Scarred by the dragon’s claws and hardened by experience and great loss, Faye is a well-known mercenary in the realms. She is recognized by her dragonscale armor, her twin, dragonbone-hafted axes, and her less-than-sunny disposition. But few can match Faye in her craft, and those who doubt that, learn quickly.

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