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Blake Williams
Williams is the last survivor of the 1st manned space mission to Mars. All contact with the crew was lost shortly after landing on Mars. Three months later Williams appeared on Earth. He saved the crew of a malfunctioning space ship , in near earth orbit.
Williams is the pinnacle of human evolution. His mutant mental abilities not only give him genius level I.Q. but endows him with a photographic memory and telepathy, enabling him to read or control people’s minds (including alien races). He has telekinetic powers, which enable him to use his thoughts to move, lift, and alter matter without physical contact, mentally lift him to fly at high-speed, create barriers of psychic force to deflect physical attack, and fire bursts of psionic energy that strike with concussive impact, sometimes in the form of lightning or fire blasts. His telekinetic shield can simultaneously protect him from the vacuum of space and surround him with a breathable environment.
Williams’s brain also contains evolved sensory centers enabling him to clairvoyantly “see” events outside of his range of sight.