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The University of Kar-Sharyk

When Kar-Sharyk chose to establish his first aetherial laboratory on the Cliff of Persh he could hardly have imagined that it would eventually evolve into the most highly respected magical university on the Eastern Continent. These days Kar-Sharyk is considered to be the greatest Aetherial researcher the world has ever known, but back then he was thought of as just another dabbler in the magic arts, conducting his mediocre experiments with the usual delusions of grandeur that comes to a young sorcerer. The turning point came when he took in a group of exiled pixie drones to work as his assistants. As the years went on it became evident that the pixies not only had a surprisingly long lifespan, when they were safe from being picked off by birds of prey, but they also had a natural talent for academics. With the help of his acolytes Kar-Sharyk quickly rose through the ranks of the Saphire Magocracy, and was chosen as Saphirical Archchancellor at the age of 89. As he lay dying just a few years later he charged his pixie apprentices to continue his great work.

Now, 700 years later, they are as diligent in pursuing that task as ever before.

Prime Auxiliary Shurpi

Of the hundreds of pixies who were tutored by Kar-Sharyk himself only four remain, and Shurpi the Observant – the oldest of them – is the head of the university, as he has been for the last 200 years. Despite his venerable age and small stature Shurpi is a force to be reckoned with. He has survived hundreds, maybe thousands, of assassination attempts by the Opal Dynasty, ambitious faculty members and a multitude of Pixie queens who still consider him and his ilk apostates and traitors.